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Creation of Shipping Calendar to display on dashboard

To create a Shipping calendar we will use X3 calendar functionality.The shipping calendar will help us with delivery tracking. Specially it will be helpful for sales and warehouse teams. For creation of “Shipping calendar” we are going to use SORDER and BPCARRIER table’s. Step 1: Go to Setup>Usage>Reports>Graphical query tool. Create new query Fig: Graphical… Read More »

Sales By Customer Dashboard in Sage X3.

For any organisation, having a sales by customer dashboard in their ERP systems is a valuable tool for any businesses to track and analyse their sales performance with a focus on individual customers. This dashboard can provide insights into customer-specific sales data, helping you make informed decisions and improve customer relationships.Recently, one of our clients… Read More »

Creation of Bar Charts and adding it to Dashboard

In industries Dashboard plays a very important role for users which provides summarized data of organizations, transactions and masters. Sage X3 has features to show dashboard data into graphical charts like bar chart, Pie chart, line chart & different types of chart. One of our clients has a requirement to represent the data on the… Read More »

Sage X3 Dashboard: Sales by Product Category

In industries, Dashboard plays a very important role for users which provides summarized data of organizations, transactions, and masters. Likewise, we received a requirement to create a dashboard that provides sales amounts by product category. For that requirement, we were requested to display the top 10 greater amounts of sales by category, and then at… Read More »

Creating Dashboards In Sage Enterprise Intelligence(SEI)

Sage Enterprise Intelligence gives business users, managers and executives the   power to analyze and create business reports, dashboards and views. Dashboards are a quick and effective way for decision makers to get detailed insight into  business. In this blog we will have a look on how we can create a dashboards in Sage Enterprise Intelligence… Read More »

How to add the Dashboard in Sage X3 Version 12

In some requirement, user may wants to see some reports when they login to the Sage X3, or for the management people thy need to see the any sets of records like Open Sales Order, Open Invoice, outstanding and many more on the login of the Sage X3. We can achieve this by following the… Read More »