Close sales order and order lines in Sage X3

By | October 27, 2021

In sage X3, the Sales cycle is the most used and loaded with multiple features. There may be various scenarios in which the user wants to close a sales order. Sage X3 provides multiple options to close an order even though the order is partially delivered or not delivered, and this can be done manually and automatically by following some simple steps. This blog will guide you through handling sales order closure in multiple scenarios. Below are the scenarios in which users may want to close an order.

1. Partially delivered order.

2. Undelivered order.

3. Partially delivered order lines (delivery tolerance).

Let’s see in detail on each scenario,

  1. Close partially delivered order.

There may be a scenario in which the user wants to close the order even though there are unfilled order lines. For example, if there are multiple lines on the order and if the shipment is created for one of the line in order then even though there are still other lines that are open and not delivered but whole order will be closes automatically once the partial delivery is created.

For this to happen, you have to check the below fields.

Go to the Sales order screen, and under the Delivery tab, check ‘One delivery per order’ and also check ‘Close unfilled lines’. (Refer to the below screenshot).

Once these fields are checked when the user creates a partial delivery, this particular order will get closed automatically.

2. Close Undelivered Order.

There could be a scenario in which delivery has not been created against the order, and the user wants to close order manually. This scenario may rise due to a bad order which has no chance in getting converted to shipment or a duplicate order got created due to human error.

Sage X3 gives this control on the customer level. Navigate to the Commercial tab under the customer master screen and tick the ‘Allow order close’ checkbox. Using this option, you can enable the Close button in sales order screen.

NOTE: By keeping it unchecked, you can use this to control a customer for whom you don’t want the user to close an order manually. For more detail, refer to the below blog link.

How to enable close button in Sales Order Screen Sage Enterprise Management

  1. Close partially delivered order lines (delivery tolerance).

There may be a scenario in which a quantity on order does not match with the delivered quantity. 

Sage X3 provides this control on the Product level where you can set the Delivery tolerance by defining the percentage level. 

You can refer to the below blog link for detailed steps to define it.

Set Criteria for Sales Order Line Closing using Delivery Tolerance %

Closing reason:

While closing the order, you can also mention the reason for the closure of the order. This helps to identify the reason for the closure of the order.

You can refer to the below blog link on how to add a close reason for closed order.

How to specify a reason for order closure in Sage ERP X3

Hope this blog helps you in managing sales order closure more efficiently.