Managing Open order’s delivery request

By | November 28, 2021

In Sage X3, we can create Sales open order as a long term commitment with a customer. The fundamental purpose of this screen is to manage the open order contracts against customer. The creation of each sales open order (Contract order) is used to manage the delivery schedule as a next step. This delivery schedule is firmed up in the form of the delivery request, and finally Delivery is created against open order and shipped to the customer.

Let’s see in detail working of Sales open order and Delivery request.

The Sales open order management is constrained over two-screen, the first brings together the general information. You can create, modify, delete, and view open order. An open order mainly includes line header and delivery schedule.

An open order can have multiple lines with different products irrespective of stock status (i.e. managed and not managed).

Navigate to: Sales > Orders > Open orders

• User has to enter all the mandatory fields like the customer, sales site, validity date and commercial details and create open order by clicking on Create button. (Refer to below screenshot)

• Below are the important fields:

1. Customer and commercial details.

2. Validate start and end dates of order.

3. List of products with global quantity, price and validity dates.

Fig a: Open order header

Once open order is created, you have to enter product details to complete the order. On the Second screen information related to the open order lines are entered. It can be accessed by clicking on the Products button.

Fig b : Product button

You have to enter the necessary product details here. As earlier said, you can enter multiple lines for an open order (Refer to below screenshots)

The expected quantity field indicates the planned Quantity in the sales unit. This Quantity is used upon price list search.

Fig c : Product details
Fig d : Product price details

Creating Delivery request:

Now, in order to make Delivery of this open order, you must create delivery request with the firm products with respective quantities that is to be delivered. You can create delivery request by clicking on the “Delivery request” button on the top right corner of the screen.

The delivery request will get created for this open order. However, you cannot make shipment until you enter product line with firm Quantity (Refer below screenshot).

Fig e : Delivery request

To enter a delivery request, it is necessary to select contract line from the left list on the screen, of which the delivery request must be created. The main information concerning the contract line is displayed in the top section and the entry must be made in the grid.

Creating Sales delivery:

Once the delivery request is created User can navigate to the Sales delivery screen and select the sales open order number from the Open order selection left list also, User can also modify the details likes Quantity and price before creating Sales delivery.

Suppose the quantity entered in the Sales delivery quantity is lesser than the delivery request’s Quantity. In that case, a new line is added in the delivery request’s line for the remaining delivery quantity. 

This blog will help you to manage long term commitment with a customer by using open order’s delivery requests and creating Contract based shipment for the customer.