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How to ship the product again after creating the customer return in Sage X3

This function is used to record the customer returns following a delivery or a supplier return in the case of inter-site or inter-company transfers. Once the return is carried out, the stock will be moved if necessary and it will be possible to print a return note and if required to enter a credit memo… Read More »

Creation of Shipping Calendar to display on dashboard

To create a Shipping calendar we will use X3 calendar functionality.The shipping calendar will help us with delivery tracking. Specially it will be helpful for sales and warehouse teams. For creation of “Shipping calendar” we are going to use SORDER and BPCARRIER table’s. Step 1: Go to Setup>Usage>Reports>Graphical query tool. Create new query Fig: Graphical… Read More »

How to delete Detail(Product)lines from Sales order via Import template ?

You may come across a situation, where you may want to delete detail(product) lines  from Sales order .  Here we are describing  how to delete detail(product) lines from sales order via import template.To delete the detail lines, the quantity should set to zero on a detail line.Please refer the below example- New Stuff: How to… Read More »