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Re-order suggestion in X3 by Periodic Replenishment method

This post is the continuation of our previous post were we discussed about the functions of Statistical Re-Ordering using the re-order threshold method. In this Blog we will focus on the Statistical reordering through Periodic processing method. The New Stuff : X3 Commands for Dynamic Changes Periodic Processing:  The periodic replenishment method is used to… Read More »

Back-to-back-order or Drop Shipment Setup in Sage ERP X3

In day to day life often it is the case when a company has to look for the drop shipment feature and it becomes a necessity to have the drop shipment in our system. Before we proceed with this feature in Sage X3, let me explain you the Significance of Drop Shipment in brief; Delivery of… Read More »

Create Sales Orders using Web services in Sage Enterprise Management

In our last blog, we had an overview of Web services in Sage X3. Now we are going to dive in further into this topic and will see in detail, how we can create transactions like Purchase Order, Sales order, invoice etc. in Sage X3. To start with you must have all the pre-requisites as… Read More »