Delegate in Workflows

By | February 27, 2023

In Sage X3, we have a functionality where we can set a delegate in workflow. This field makes it possible to specify how to manage the fact that the recipient identified in the line is absent (in other words, they have defined a delegated user for a period of time covering the moment when the rule has been triggered). If the recipient has specified delegated users with authority, the value of this field defines who is the recipient of the notification or message.

We faced an issue where one of the workflows configured was not sending the mails to the delegates.

In this blog we will see the different types of Delegate options and how to solve the mails not not being sent to the delegates.

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Options in Delegates:

1) If this option is set to “NO”, only the original recipient mentioned is concerned.
2) If it is set to “All”, the recipient and all the users defined as delegated users to the recipient are concerned.
3) If it is set to “Cascade”, the recipient, their users, and in turn the delegated users to their users etc. are concerned.
4) If it is set to “First free”, the first recipient with no delegated user is concerned.


We found that the delegates do not get the mails delivered if the same mail address is used for the user and its delegates.
1) In the workflow set the Delegate option to “All”. With this option all the users and recipients defined as delegates to that particular user will be notified.
2) Open Setup -> Users -> Users
3) Select each user and make sure the user has its own unique email address, compared to its delegates.