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How to assign multiple signatures on different objects in Sage X3

In Sage X3, you can assign multiple signatures in a workflow on different objects to implement a multi-level approval process. This allows for more complex and controlled workflows, where different users or groups need to review and approve various stages of a business process. Here’s a step-by-step description of how to assign multiple signatures in… Read More »

How to add Signature workflow in Journal Entry screen

The Signature Workflow is a feature provided by Sage that enables automatic signatures for records that are either modified or created by the first-level user defined in the Assignment rule. Once the user signs the record, the status changes to “Signed” for that user, and the record is then passed on to the next level… Read More »

How to trigger mail with Payment Voucher report attachment on posting the Payment entry

In Sage X3, we recently had a requirement to configure an email to be triggered to send the Payment Voucher report as an attachment on posting the Payment entry to the respective supplier against whom the Payment entry has been created. So let’s see how we can create and configure an email. Step 1: Deploy… Read More »

Refresh Graphical Requester

You must have noticed that the custom Graphical requesters added to the Sage X3 home screen do not refresh automatically. To refresh it, users have to manually refresh the Graphical Requester. This can be automated by passing certain parameters to the menu items. Navigate to Administration ->Authoring ->Menu Items, and select your Graphical Requester menu… Read More »

How To specify a generic Send From email address from Workflow Notifications

In Sage X3, We have Signature Workflows that Provides us a feature of processing automatic signature for a record if the record is created or modified by the first level of the user present in the assignment rule. You will able to see the record signed and processed to second level user for signature in… Read More »