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How to display user signature pending for approval to the left list of any transaction

Signature workflow feature of Sage X3 helps in tracking of transactions. Sometimes there might be a requirement if the end user needs to add additional field in left list of any transaction which will display user’s name for whom the signature is pending for approval. We can achieve this by using the following steps. Consider… Read More »

Workflow in Sage Enterprise Management

The word “Workflow” in an ERP system is defined for all business processes and procedures that are involved in running a successful Organization. Typically, workflow is a trail of any business process from bring to end involving lot of complicated steps. Workflow automation is a way in which these steps can be automated into one… Read More »

Workflow Monitor in Sage X3

As an extension to the Workflow in Sage X3 series, Send Invoice Reports Automatically in Sage X3 Assigning Workflow Parameters in Sage X3 We would now be exploring the Workflow monitoring process which deals with the management & control of the Workflow. The Workflow monitor is used to present those events pending signature by a… Read More »

Assigning Workflow Parameters in Sage X3

In our last blog, Send Invoice Reports Automatically in Sage X3, we have seen how we can set up and use workflow in Sage X3. To keep the context simple and clear we avoided the core technicalities including parameterization required for the workflow to work. So, in this blog, we will be exploring the various parameters… Read More »