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Enable the menu button in Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage Enterprise Management, when we add the menu button and its lines in any window it is disabled by default. Perform the following to enable this menu buttons. Here, CHMEN is the keyword to enable the menu button. And “Z6” and “Z5” are the button code. Hope this blog helps! About Us Greytrix – a… Read More »

How to add dimensional field in object selection

We might know how to add the Single dimensional field in the selection tab while creating the object. Refer to the below screenshot, to add a field in object selection. Navigational Path – Development->Script Dictionary->Objects Here is the Screenshot below to add Multidimensional field in the selection tab of objects. Make Table and Field column… Read More »

How to get descriptive values from Miscellaneous Tables Value in Sage Enterprise Management

You may come across the situation, where you need to read the description from the miscellaneous table. One of the possible ways to do is as below: If !clalev ([ZAT]) : Local File ATEXTRA[ZAT]  : Endif For  [ZAT] WHERE CODFIC=’ATABDIV’ AND IDENT1=’32’ AND ZONE=’LNGDES’ AND LANGUE=GLANGUE infbox num$(TEXTE) next The TEXTE will return you the… Read More »

How to use 2-dimensional array in Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we need to use a 2-dimensional array in our code. Please refer the below steps to use a multi-dimensional array in 4GL code. Syntax: Local Char ZLChar (chrlen)(Xlen,Ylen) Where chrlen is the length of the string character. Xlen is the array length along x-direction. Ylen… Read More »

How to find Database size of your folder

You may come across the situation where you would like to know the database size of the folder or amount of space utilized by the folder in the database. Sage X3 has a special feature of getting database size of a particular folder in the screen. New Stuff: How to define filter criterion on database query… Read More »

How to set the default Category as “ACTUAL” in Journal

We have come across the scenario where the Journal which are created from the Sales or Purchase Invoice should not be editable. We have parameter values which will set the Category as Default when we Post the transaction. Img: Parameter Values → Common data(TC) –> Group CPT This will set default value as actual, which will… Read More »

How to get Folder Language from code in Sage X3

Sage X3 can have more than one folder. You may have come across a scenario where you need to know current folder language while accessing Sage X3 ERP. This can be achieved using the variable ‘messname’. This variable is accessible only in read mode. Please refer below screen shot for the syntax.  Figure 1: To… Read More »

How to filter out left list in Sage X3

You may come across the situation where you need to see only filtered transaction according to your criteria. Consider an example where we only need to see those customer BP invoice where currency exchange rate is 2, to do so we can go to advance selection. 1.1 Reference Screenshot In advance selection screen give the… Read More »

To restrict transactions for defined period in Sage X3

This Function is used to define periods during which a business partner is not open. Such a calendar is defined by a code of 3 characters and this can be entered at the level of the customers, the supplier and the sites. These calendars are used notably: For all the production planning operations as a… Read More »