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How to extract a Substring from a String in Sage X3

While dealing with strings, we often require certain characters or a substring from given string. Sage X3 provides a special function to extract a substring from provided CLOB or a string. Syntax:  mid$(EXP_STRING,EXP_POS,EXP_NB) Where,  EXP_STRING is an expression returning a CLOB or string value. EXP_POS is an expression returning an integer value that is the… Read More »

How to Find a Sub String in a String

There Is a common scenario in development where we need to find a sub string from a string value. Just to help with the syntax we will be providing the help on the syntax, this is to find a particular value from a series of numerical, alphanumerical or date expressions or variables. New Stuff: How to… Read More »