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Sub contract Transfer in X3

The function is to intervene on stock line or group of stock line to transfer to the Supplier location. Functional Path: Inventory Receipt/issue Transaction>> Sub Contract Transfer This functionality gets covered by selecting the stock of a product. New Stuff : Customer Balances resynchronization in X3 First we create a miscellaneous receipt for a product then… Read More »

Cost Transfer in Sage X3

Sage X3 has come up with the interesting feature of Product Cost Transfer. The standard Cost Transfer (COPYCOUT) function under the costing module can be used to transfer the product cost. Cost Transfer: Costing > Miscellaneous Processes > Cost Transfer (COPYCOUT). Below is the standard screen of cost transfer: This function is used to transfer… Read More »

How to perform an Inter-Site Transfers in Sage X3

The Inter-site transfers function is used to intervene on a stock line or a group of stock lines so as to transfer stock from one site to another for the one or several companies. The Inter-Site Transfer screen can be accessed by navigating through Inventory->Receipt/Issue transactions->Inter-Site Transfers (Process name: GESSIS) The Inter-Site transfer will transfer… Read More »