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Budgeted cost calculation function in Sage X3

This function is used to calculate the budgeted cost of one or a range of products at a specified site. This function is typically used to prepare provisional costs for the following year. Costs are calculated from a set of user-defined parameters. A single product-site record has only one budget cost. You can prepare simulated… Read More »

Calculate expected subcontract cost in Sage X3

This function can be launched on a single sub-contracting order or on a selection of sub-contracting orders (EO), using the filters. It is used to calculate the various costs corresponding to the various stages of the sub-contracting order in order to analyze the variances and the valuation choices in the production reporting. A single subcontracting… Read More »

How to set the Price by default Standard cost?

Sage X3 has an interesting feature where you can set the product price by default standard cost of the product. New Stuff: Restrict to create the direct supplier return. Navigate: Setup>General parameters>Parameter values. Set the parameter “PURPRICE”=Yes. Now when you create the Purchase order and if the purchase price of a product is not defined then… Read More »

Cost Transfer in Sage X3

Sage X3 has come up with the interesting feature of Product Cost Transfer. The standard Cost Transfer (COPYCOUT) function under the costing module can be used to transfer the product cost. Cost Transfer: Costing > Miscellaneous Processes > Cost Transfer (COPYCOUT). Below is the standard screen of cost transfer: This function is used to transfer… Read More »