Generate Separate Payment for each Invoice

By | October 10, 2013

In Sage 300 ERP, we can do Payment entry from A/P Payment Batch List UI in Accounts Payable module. Sage 300 also allows us to create payment against all outstanding Invoices in a single step using Create Payment Batch option.
It allows paying vendor invoices that are due or have a discount available for early payment. Normally when we apply payment through Create Payment Batch UI, all outstanding Invoices get applied against a single payment (single check no. generated) for each vendor.
However, there is an option available in vendor master, using which you can generate separate payment entry/separate checks for each Invoice.
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As shown above, go to AP Vendor Master >> Processing Tab >> Select Generate Separate Payment for each Invoice.
When the above option is selected for a particular Vendor, Accounts Payable generates separate checks/ payment entry for each invoice when you automatically process payments (through create Payment Batch UI).
If you do not select this option, Accounts Payable will create a single check to cover the total outstanding amount of all invoices from the vendor each time you process payments for the vendor.
The same feature is also available in Vendor Group UI (Refer below screen shot.)


In case you want to generate separate checks for each invoice for vendors in a specific group when automatically processing payments, you can select the above option for the vendor group.
The choice you make here sets the default option for vendors in a particular group. However you can change the choice for individual vendors.
This feature becomes really useful when we need to generate different payment entry for different invoice through automatic payment processing.