Sage 300 ERP for Trading and Logistic Industries Part II

By | August 6, 2014

Deal Wise Profitability:

1As Top Line is the primary unit of measurement for your Sales team for success, similarly the Bottom Line is the weighing instrument for the Cost Centers and Finance Teams. In every project/deal the pricing varies and so does the margins.

Having a system that is accurately capable of capturing the expenses deal/project wise and revenues is critical to understand its profitability.

Sage 300 ERP helps you track these inflows and outflows and provides you with the margin analysis reports which can be crucial for strategic planning for business diversions and determining the focus for the future products and target market areas.

New Stuff: Sage 300 ERP for Trading and Logistics Industries

Customer Relations – CRM:
Keep your customers happy and they will keep you in business.

As the saying goes, repeat customers form more than 60% of the overall revenue of trading/distribution companies. Hence, best in class service is the only thing that you can opt for.

In this era where service industry is growing every day and the competition is becoming fierce, you need a world class Customer Relationship Management solution that would integrate seamlessly with your ERP and provide real time and accurate business data that can help you be on your toes.

Sage CRM:
Order Status Updates – Mail and SMS:

With desktops being replaced with Tablets and Handheld devices, more and more business communications are moving online. Gone are the days of sending couriers or phone/manual updates on the status of orders.

 Clients need real time responses and confirmations which can be accessed on the go.

Sage 300 ERP can be configured to send automated email messages to client’s authorized contact person on the dispatch of the material.

It can also be integrated with SMS sending systems and can send messages to mobile numbers with tracking details of the dispatch.

With Sage solutions, you are not buying just software, you are building a platform. You may start small but you have set the focus to grow big with the comprehensive solutions offered by Sage combined with best in class implementation services from seasoned industry experts.

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