Prompt to Delete During Posting

By | December 31, 2014

Sage 300 ERP is reached with different features like warning for negative inventory,copy orders , different report to know the transactions of Customer or vendor etc.In this post we will discuss one of the features named as “Prompt to Delete during Posting”.In IC Option setting, there is a check box “Prompt to Delete during Posting” under the ‘Processing’ tab. This feature allows the system to keep or delete the transaction history.
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To get this option navigate to:
Inventory Control -> I/C Setup -> Options -> Processing Tab
IC Options
This option lets you save or delete transaction information on the basis of option you select.
If you want to delete transaction information then you must check the option Prompt to Delete during Posting, on the Processing tab in the I/C Options form.
It is good practice to save any transaction information as transactions is always necessary for your future reference. To keep all transaction information, make sure that you turn off this option.
If you delete transactions after posting, you will not be able to view posted transactions or drill down to them from General Ledger. Also, if you post transactions using the Post Transactions form (instead of from transaction entry), you will not have the option to delete. Instead, you can remove transactions using the Clear History form.
This option is not active if you have Serialized Inventory or Lot Tracking. If you are using Serialized Inventory or Lot Tracking, Inventory Control will not prompt you to delete transaction details after posting, even if you choose the “Prompt to Delete during Posting” option.
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