AP Invoice Register

By | December 30, 2014

In Sage 300 ERP there is no report which can give you detailed flow of a purchase order starting from requisition to payment in a single report. To cater this need, we have developed a custom report AP Invoice Register, which will give you complete information of a Purchase made staring from requisition to its payment.
In Purchase Order Workflow, first if all a purchase requisition is generated. Once approved, it gets converted in to a purchase order. After PO is received, invoice gets generated and we make payment for the invoice in Account Payable.
We have provided an Interface for AP Invoice Register that accepts filter criteria as:
• From and To Invoice Receipt Date
AP Invoice Register UI
Report will generate data in excel format.
Report format will be like:
Report Format
Fiscal Year/Period: PO requisition date.
Vendor/Vendor Name: Vendor for which po is generated.
Requisition No/Workflow/Requisition Created Date/Submitted Date: These data will come from Purchase Workflow Requisition.
1st-5th Level Approval date: Approval date from Purchase Workflow Requisition.
PO No/Date, Receipt No/Date, and Invoice No/Date: These data will be fetched from purchase order module.
Payment Doc No/Date/Amount: In case Payment is applied against invoice, then these columns will give you payment details.
TDS deducted amount/TDS adjustment number: In case TDS is applied against invoice, you can get the tds details here.
This report will give complete workflow of Purchase Order staring from requisition to payment in one single report.
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