Bin Maintenance in Sage 300 ERP

By | July 22, 2015

Bin Maintenance helps Sage 300 ERP users to track inventory items stored in various bins within a warehouse or Sage 300 ERP Inventory Control location. Bins could include shelves, slots, and containers and so on.

By creating bin in Sage 300 ERP picking and putting of stock are streamlined. Storekeeper also know where to store and from where to search any inventory item without wasting valuable time. In Sage 300 ERP, bin can be created using I/C location. Entire bin information is stored within your Sage 300 ERP database. With clear and separate bin locations, Inventory records will be more accurate. Items missing or misplacement would be a very rare scenario.

With the efficiency gains from the simple good idea of bin maintenance, your warehouse can enjoy faster turnaround time (TAT), more speedy dispatch to the customer. You win on both productivity and customer service.


Benefits of Bin Management at Warehouse:

  • Well managed warehouse without more effort and difficulty.
  • Determine exactly where your inventory is at any point in time.
  • Customer delivery on time.
  • Process warehouse activity more efficiently,
  • Resulting in quicker turnaround times.
  • Better customer satisfaction.

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