How to get the value of the current variable/field in Sage X3?

By | March 1, 2016

ZC contains the value of the current variable (in input, initialization, check, selection and help mode).

Class, Type and Dimension:

Type of zc depends on context that corresponds to type of variable being entered (at the time of check or help is executed) or being initialized.



# In a routine associated with a mask, test to see if
# zc >= 100. If not, 100 is assigned to zc.
CTRL_ZONE              :# Label called from the mask
if zc < 100
zc = 100
End                             : # Return to mask


zc gives access to “current zone” for a variable defined. A current zone exists in following cases:

  • Formula or routine called from a mask in validity control zone. zc then represents value entered by user and it may be reassigned by verification routine,
  • Formula or routine called from a mask as default value. If zc has been modified, its value is then copied to variable corresponding to mask,
  • Routine called from a mask by the help key. zc also represents the variable being entered and it may similarly be reassigned,
  • During a calculation, zc corresponds to the zone being entered.