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Error “Creation not possible” on work order in Sage X3

While creating the work order by using copy functionality. We may face an error that “creation not possible ”. To overcome this error follow the below steps. Navigate to: Manufacturing >Production scheduler>Remove from scheduling. Enter mandatory details on the below screen and click on create. Now you can create the work order by using copy. About Us… Read More »

How to get the value of the current variable/field in Sage X3?

ZC contains the value of the current variable (in input, initialization, check, selection and help mode). Class, Type and Dimension: Type of zc depends on context that corresponds to type of variable being entered (at the time of check or help is executed) or being initialized. [s]zc Examples: # In a routine associated with a… Read More »

How to enable the ‘Use of batch files’ in Sage X3?

In this blog, we will look how to change use of batch files access for batch server.  Batch server has ability to take files and run it automatically as per the setup. Initially the batch server parameter does not enable ‘Use of batch files’ which is needed in Sage X3’s batch server. To enable ‘Use… Read More »

How to add Conditional styles to a Patch File in Sage X3?

We may come across a situation, where we want to add Entry Point to Patch file in Sage X3. Follow the below steps: Step 1: Kindly navigate to Development > Utilities > Patches > Patch Creation Then we will get the below screen. Step 2: Click on Client Radio button, then select Type of Patch… Read More »

How to Setup packaging in Version 8 of Sage X3

If we come across a scenario where we want to setup packaging in version 8 of Sage X3 then It provides a standard functionality ‘Packaging’. To set up this functionality: Navigation: Common Data – Products – Product Categories

How to give space between string by coding in Sage X3?

How to give space between string by coding You may come across a scenario were you need to provide the space  between string.X3 has a function “space$(n)” which  returns a string with n spaces, Syntax as below. Syntax: space$(nb_esp) space$(nb_esp) returns a string comprising nb_esp spaces(ascii code 32). This function is thus equivalent to string$(nb_esp,… Read More »

How to extract a substring from the leftmost end in Sage X3?

Sage X3 has a function, which helps us to extract a substring from the leftmost end of a string. The function used to extract the substring is Left$(). Syntax: Left$(String, nb_string) Refer the following example for the same: In the above exmaple we use left$() for the extraction from the string, upto 16 characters.  

How to enable new added dimension in Sage X3?

Earlier we have explained how to enable the dimension on header and line level and also explained how to populate it with default value. Now here we are explaining how to enable the new added dimension. See below example- Navigate to entry transaction and add enter new dimension. Navigate to Setup >Organizational structure>Default dimension types. And… Read More »

“GTE Error in Field Evaluation” error while running accounting interface

Go to Set up →General Parameters →Formulas Expand Automatic Journal If there folder is multi-legislation, one needs to define legislation wise formula – refer SEED folder In few cases one needs to even define Document type as per formula – Refer below Image Now one can run Accounting Interface without error.