How to add Levels in Graphical Requester in Sage X3?

By | May 20, 2016

Sage X3 has a special in-built feature to add levels in graphical requester. Follow the below instructions to add levels to graphical requester.

Step1: Go to Setup –>Usage –>Reports –>Graphical requester

You will find the Graphical requester screen and create a record as shown below,

In the below screen, we have added the “SORDER” and “SORDERQ” table and also we have added the three fields to the graphical requester as shown below.


Step2: After creating the above requester, validate the requester as shown below.

Sage x3 Validate Button

Step3: Suppose, you want to add second level for “ITMREF” and “QTY” field to the Graphical requestor. Then Click on the “ITMREF” field then you will find the below screen.

Sage x3 Graphical Requester

Step 4: Then try to drag the “ITMREF” field to the Create group icon and once you will drag the field to the create group icon, you will find the below screen with level will be created for the “ITMREF” field.

Graphical Requester-Sage x3

Step 5: Repeat step 4 for the “QTY” field and validate the graphical requester as shown in step 2. Then you will find the below screen.

Validate the graphical requester

Step 6: Now, you run the graphical requester and you will find that the levels are created on the requester.

Sage x3-graphical requester

Hope this blog helps!

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