How to Copy Multi-level BOM?

By | July 18, 2016

We may come across a scenario where you need to copy a BOM which may have same usage with different BOM Code.

Sage X3 has a feature in which you can create copy of BOM. Several types of BOM copies are necessary to facilitate the management of the technical data:


– First level BOM copy of a parent product to another parent product,

– First level BOM copy of the selected parent product to the other selected parent product,

– Multi-level BOM copy of the selected parent product to the other selected parent product,

The first mentioned functionality is provided by the BOM management, by duplication or fusion.


The two other functionalities are possible via the BOM copy menu that is used to copy a source alternative to a destination alternative.

This feature can be achieved by following below steps:-

Navigate to Common Data -> BOMs -> Copy BOM.


In the below screen shot, processing mode is 1st Level. In this case, the copy of parent product is created with destination BOM Code and same number of components.

Copy Multi-level BOM

Sage ERP X3 Multi-level BOM

Now if we select Processing mode as “Multi-Level”, the copy of parent product will be created along with all the components of parent product as well as sub-BOMs.

Copy BOM

As you can see in the below screen-shot, the sub level BOM is also displayed while creation.

Sage X3 BOM

The parent product got created and also its component which was also parent product of some other components also got created at once.

Sage X3 Copy BOM

This method saves our time and effort in creating a copy of multi – level BOM.


Hope this blog helps!

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