How to Sort Array in Ascending and Descending Order

By | August 30, 2016

Sorta-is used to sort arrays of single-dimensioned variables.

Sorta, sorts the array in ascending order by default, to sort the array in descending we need to use Desc keyword.

Syntax –

Ascending and Descending Order


Sorta – Number Array List

Number – number is length of an array or up to which number we want to sort

Array List – list of array variable separated by comma


In this example we are having two arrays, sorta command is sorting array NUMBER in ascending order and also STR array


To sort these arrays according to STR array –

Sorta 4 STR NUMBER or

Sorta 4 STR


To sort in descending order –

Sorta 4 STR NUMBER  Desc

Hope this helps.

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