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How to Setup a Default Date Range for multiple reports and inquiries in Sage X3

While generating multiple reports in order to compile data across various departments in the organization every time the end user has to enter the date range in the report parameters every time they generate the report which becomes a quiet task and can be error prone too. Parameter Setup 1. Go to Setup > Users… Read More »

Finalize the journal entries in bulk

You may come across a scenario where you want to do the journal validation in bulk. Sage X3 has feature where you can Finalize or validate the journal entries in bulk. Navigate To: Financial>Current processing>Final validation (Refer the below screenshot)   In this process you can select the different criteria. This function changes the journal… Read More »

Fetch the ADC print destination value in coding

While printing the report through code you may need to print the report or label in the printer defined on the ADC destination .The below mentioned global variable are available in x3 in which the label destination and Document destination are stored GVTETI : This global variable is used to store the  Label destination GVTDOC… Read More »

How to Find the DAY of the Week

This function is one of the date function which will return the DAY number of the week from which we will be able to perform the other functionality. Function dayn(Date): The “dayn” function excepts one parameter which we need to pass the date for which we need to find the weekday number. Example: Output: These… Read More »

How to Sort Array in Ascending and Descending Order

Sorta-is used to sort arrays of single-dimensioned variables. Sorta, sorts the array in ascending order by default, to sort the array in descending we need to use Desc keyword. Syntax – Where, Sorta – Number Array List Number – number is length of an array or up to which number we want to sort Array… Read More »

How to Disable the Print Option in Invoice for the Particular User

If we want to disable the print option for the particular user then Sage X3 provides feature to disable the print option for the particular user. To successfully bring this functionality follow below steps: Navigate to: Setup>Users>Functional profile> Report Tab Select the profile code of the user. Set external document to Yes   Hope this… Read More »

Mass Generation of Purchase Order

You may come across a situation where you want to create Purchase order for many suppliers and products. Sage X3 provides a feature in which mass generation of Purchase Order can be done at once. To achieve this functionality, navigate to Purchasing → Orders → Buyers plan. Follow the below steps:- STEP 1 – STEP 2 –… Read More »

How to Open a Screen, when Single Object is bound with Multiple Screens?

If we want a particular screen to open among several screens, where single object is bound with the multiple screens then Sage X3 provides a functionality for the same. To access screen using Code check below link: – https://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sagex3/2014/01/30/how-to-access-screen-using-code/ Now, let’s see how we will get the required screen based on certain conditions. If you have… Read More »

WAS Web service in Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage X3, sometimes we need to expand the functionality of the core Sage X3 solution with the required customizations to reach the desired goal. These customized new products are known as Add-ons. WAS web service is an add-on, which comes with a number of extra features, other than the normal web services. Key Points… Read More »

How to allow Manual Generation of Transaction ID for Sales Order?

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we want to allow manual generation of transaction Id for sales order then Sage X3 provides a standard functionality Manual sequence no. Set Manual sequence no to “Yes” in sales order types for which manual generation of transaction Id should be allowed. Set up –… Read More »