Restrict deliveries for Customer’s non-working days in Sage X3

By | October 27, 2016

The Customer working day’s logic works on the Delivery date. Therefore if a particular work day is unchecked in the Customer – Ship to tab then the Delivery date cannot be chosen on the unchecked work days. However working day’s logic does not affect the Shipment date.

Navigate: All -> Common data -> BPs -> Customer -> Ship-to customer tab

Select the customer working days in the Work days section as shown in screenshot below. You can also define an unavailable period for a customer. For e.g. Christmas holidays.

Restrict deliveries in Sage X3

Navigate: Sales -> Deliveries -> Deliveries

In the Delivery screen,

The Delivery date by default gets updated to the next available date as per the work days setting of the customer.

E.g. As shown in below screenshot if the Delivery has the Shipment Date = 02/09/16 & lead time, Delivery LT = 1.

The expected Delivery date should be 03/09/16. But since the 03/09/16 & 04/09/16 are the Non-working days for the Customer, the Delivery date is auto-updated to 05/09/16 on tab out.

shipment management in sage x3


To restrict Shipment for non-working days on Site.


To restrict Shipment for non-working days on Site. You can also define working days in the Site screen – Details Tab. As per the working days defined in the Site, the Shipment date is automatically validated for non-working days in the Delivery screen.

E.g. if the Delivery has selected the Shipment Date = 03/09/16 which is a nonworking day on the Site. On tab out the Shipment date is auto-updated to 02/09/16.

Navigate: Set up -> Organizational Structure-> Site

restrict Shipment for non-working days


Hope this blog helps!

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