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Set Default Destination for a Crystal Report in Sage X3

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we may need to set a default destination for a particular report. Let’s assume that we have created a new report XYZ and by default, it’s getting printed in EXCEL format. But, we want to print the report in PDF format then we can easily… Read More »

Extracts the Nth character of a CHAR or CLOB variable

This function extracts the Nth character of a CHAR or CLOB variable. This function runs much faster than the usual functions such as mid$or seg$ when managing large CLOB data. Syntax: EXTRACTED_CHARACTER=Xgetchar(CLOB_SOURCE,POSITION) Parameters: CLOB_SOURCE has been declared by using a Clbfile or a Char  POSITION has been declared by using an Integer EXTRACTED_CHARACTER has been… Read More »

Finalize the journal entries in bulk

You may come across a scenario where you want to do the journal validation in bulk. Sage X3 has feature where you can Finalize or validate the journal entries in bulk. Navigate To: Financial>Current processing>Final validation (Refer the below screenshot)   In this process you can select the different criteria. This function changes the journal… Read More »

Selecting Export file format while Printing Report

You may come across the situation, where you may want to export report in particular file format. This can be done through coding using FITCHIER action. FITCHIER action is called before the display of the selection window for the export format, when the user wants to export the print to a file. This action is… Read More »

Restrict deliveries for Customer’s non-working days in Sage X3

The Customer working day’s logic works on the Delivery date. Therefore if a particular work day is unchecked in the Customer – Ship to tab then the Delivery date cannot be chosen on the unchecked work days. However working day’s logic does not affect the Shipment date. Navigate: All -> Common data -> BPs ->… Read More »