How to find Abbreviations for all Open Tables

By | November 7, 2016

You may come across a situation where you would like to know the abbreviations for open tables.  Sage ERP X3 has a function called “fileabre” which contains the abbreviations for all open tables.

fileabre is an Adonix system variable of the character string type that contains the abbreviations for all tables opened via the File or Local File instruction.

It is sized to 101, and (0) is initialized with the empty string.

The [S]adxmto variable sets the maximum number of tables that can be open simultaneously (100).
Syntax:    [S]ffileabre (5) (101) Char


If we want to know the abbreviation of the open tables then kindly refer to the below snippet of code for better understanding.

Abbreviations for Open Tables



Abbreviations Open Tables

Hope this helps!

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