How to add Report in the List of Transaction Print Option

By | November 24, 2016

To access a report we need to add the report in respective screen from where we can print it.

Following are the steps to achieve the same:-

1)  Create new report dictionary.

→After creation of a report, create the report dictionary.

Navigate to: Development – Script dictionary – Reports

Enter all the details, make sure the name of your report is written in the column report name.

→ After the entry of all the mandatory fields click on create.

List of Transaction Print Option

2)   Add default values you want for the parameters.

Navigate to: Parameters – Destination -Default values

→ Add the parameter(s) which you want and add the First and Last default values accordingly.

→ With the help of default values you can give the range for a particular parameter.

add default values

3)  Add report in print code.

→ Go to the print code to add the report on the respective transaction.

Navigate: Parameters – Destination – Print code

print code

→ Here internal code vary as per your choice of report selection mode.

internal code-List of Transaction Print Option

→ To add the report in the RECORD or LIST option on the screen,

Navigate to: Development – Script dictionary – Object

→ To fetch the internal code column value, go to the object screen of the module where you want to add the report, here the Print out name will be used on internal code if you want to add report on RECORD or use list name to add on the LIST.

internal code-List of Transaction Print Option

 4)  Keep the print type “reports” and the print code should be the name of your report name.

 5)  Click on save button.

Hope this blogs helps you!

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