How to Create Hierarchical Left List

By | December 20, 2016

We may come across a situation where user needs a “Hierarchical Left List” with tree and node functionality as shown below.

Hierarchical Left List


In this scenario, you need to do following settings:

1. Creating an Object

a. Navigate to :Development->Processing dictionary ->Objects

b. Link a Table to the object with Index that should be combination of 2 columns which makes a unique identity and first column should be present in Tree and node can be categorized with the help second column.

Creating an Object

c. Give the same index in Selection Tab of Object screen and check the Hierarchical list checkbox.

Selection Tab of Object screen

d. Now we need to add columns in selection tab to display in Left List.

Syntax to add columns:-




2. Adding object to screen.

The list type should be kept as Selection.

Navigate to: Development->Processing dictionary ->Windows

Processing dictionary


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