Sage Enterprise Management – From regulatory compliances to offering quality assurances for Food & Beverage Industry

By | January 18, 2017

Food and Beverages Industry essentially produces products with short shelf life. This gets particularly challenging for the manufacturers, as it is mandatory for them to comply with stringent regulatory policies, maintain product consistency and quality assurance. In addition to these bottlenecks, manufacturers also have to combat recipe management, traceability with recall management, inventory management, packaging and brand integrity.

Greytrix Africa identifies these industry challenges and offers Sage Enterprise Management – ERP a versatile business management solution that eliminates the gaps in Food and Beverages industry. Greytrix – as one of the leading Sage certified X3 Partner, have strong sales and implementation industry presence in African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Uganda. We offer scalable software development resource for customizations and enhancements within Sage X3 especially required for Food and Beverages Industry. Greytrix has 16+ years of association with Sage. With a team of highly experienced and certified Sage Enterprise Management Techno-functional consultants, we ensure that customer requirements are always met.

With Sage Enterprise Management, your industry can balance other important factors, minimizing maintenance costs, ease in auditing trials for inspection quality thus managing your bottom-line.

Sage Enterprise Management for Food and Beverage Industry in East Africa

sage enterprise management food and beverage

Features of Sage Enterprise Management for your Food & Beverage industry

  • Accurate procurement of raw materials
  • Packaging of products
  • Precise pricing and contract management
  • Expiry and shelf life management
  • Quality control of products from production, processing to finished products
  • Risk assessment of food products for its compliance under stringent food safety regulations
  • Fully integrated quality control
  • Specific gravity and weight calculations
  • Import Tracking
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling to avoid cross-contamination

Benefits of using Sage Enterprise Management in your Food and Beverage industry

  • Gives a holistic view of integrated aspects of your food and beverages business
  • Efficiently manages your recipes and formulation
  • Improves operational performance and bottom line costs
  • Optimum utilization of your inventories and offers streamlined operations within the organization
  • Manages packaging requirements
  • Introduces data consistency
  • Frees employees from routine tasks
  • Superior quality with compliance of regulations

To know more about Greytrix Africa Sage Enterprise Management for Food and Beverage industry, write to us at [email protected]