How to enable Accounts mapping section under Accounting Code in Sage X3

By | August 23, 2019

In Sage X3, when a new folder is created we may come across a scenario where we don’t see a column to map accounts in Accounting code lines.

Below screen capture depicts the navigation to enable the column:

Navigate to Setup–>Financial –>Accounting interface–>Accounting Code

Accounting Code

  • Step 1: Navigate to Setup –>General Parameters–>Parameter Values.
  • Step 2: From left pane drill down module TC Common Data.
  • Step 3: Under TC module get into details of DEF group.

Parameter Values

  • Step 4: Enter the Accounting entry transaction code which you have created under

Setup–> Financial –>Accounting interface –>Accounting code entry transaction.

TC Module – DEF Group

  • Step 5: Now you will notice account mapping column enabled.

Account mapping column

Hope this blog helps!