How to resolve Unit Type error in UOM while defining PACK UNIT in SageX3

By | April 15, 2020

In Sage X3, the stocking UOM describes how you store quantities of an item in the warehouse. When you assign UOMs to an item on the Units of Measure tab, it indicates whether each UOM is valid for ordering, shipping, or stocking transactions. If more than one UOM is valid for stocking, specify which of these should be the default stocking UOM. If we have a different UOM for packing and shipping, then we have to define packing unit for the item.

We may find difficulty in displaying the Pack unit in the grid , Sage X3 has a functionality for displaying it. To solve this , follow below process.

For defining Unit of Measure,

Navigate to: Common Data -> Products -> Units of Measures tab

In Pack Unit section, we enter the packing unit of measure for the product. If the product is to be packed in KG’s, then we add it under the ‘Unit’ field.

When we proceed ahead, we may get an ‘Unit Type’ error

In order to resolve the same, we have to define the unit type for the UOM as packing. In order to do the same, please follow the below steps

Navigate to: Common Data -> Products -> Units of Measures tab

  1. Enter the UOM in pack unit and then press ‘Jump To’ icon
  2. Browse and select the appropriate UOM
  3. Under the Unit Type column, change the type to ‘Packing’
  4. Save the changes

As we can see in the above screen shot, now system is allowing us to enter the pack unit as KG. Similarly, you can follow the above procedure to resolve the unit type error message in Product master screen.

So we have seen how to enter the pack unit for a product and change the unit type for pack unit in Product master screen.