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How to solve Error: “Kit not generated for the product” on sales order

A BOM is an assembly, a finished product, made up of assemblies and components. If an assembly is used as a component of a final product it is referred to as a sub-assembly or semi-finished product. Each sub-assembly will itself have a list of components and this list can also contain sub-assemblies. Up to 999… Read More »

How to resolve Unit Type error in UOM while defining PACK UNIT in SageX3

In Sage X3, the stocking UOM describes how you store quantities of an item in the warehouse. When you assign UOMs to an item on the Units of Measure tab, it indicates whether each UOM is valid for ordering, shipping, or stocking transactions. If more than one UOM is valid for stocking, specify which of… Read More »

Enhancement feature in EMV12 for managing serial numbers in Product using “Global Received/Issued”

The new feature in V12 for managing serial numbers for product using the “Global received/issued” radio button under serial no.management section in Product screen increases better usability and increase performance and productivity. Here are the steps to check the benefits using the new option added for serial number products. STEP 1: Navigate to product screen… Read More »

Warehouse management in Sage X3

We all know there is both location management and Warehouse management available in Sage. There has been a question why do we need warehouse management enabled when we can manage inventory by location, we create different location type and location in it and inventory can be managed. Then what is the use of Warehouse management… Read More »

How to link unallocated Sales orders with Purchase orders in Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we need to link unallocated Sales orders to Purchase orders. To solve this functionality: Create a sales order, make sure that the product which is used is not allocated or linked to any stock. Navigate to Stock → Assignment → Assignment workbench Step1: To select… Read More »

How to solve “Field VACBPR : Record does not exist for the current legislation [ANG]” error message on the back to back order

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we face the difficulty while creating the back to back order. To solve this functionality:  Step1:  Navigate to Sales → Orders → orders Create a sales order, make sure that the product which we used in the lines grid, the supplier has to be defined… Read More »

How to use Product Lines?

Configurator simplifies the process of creation or selection of products, BOMs and routing. In this article we see an overview of the product lines for Configurator (excluding the technical nitty gritties of the process). Once you are aware of the basic facts you can easily use the Configurator on your own with the help of… Read More »

How to use UPC code to scan Product

If you want to scan the product by UPC code then the first thing that will come in your mind to achieve it will be through coding in that field. But that will choke you to change the data type of the field too from “ITM” to “A”. Coding and changing the data type will… Read More »

How to setup default location for the product

Sage ERP X3 offers flexibility to manage default location for a product within site for different operations. For instance, if a product exists in multiple locations of the site and for each operation (receipt, shipping, picking) has to be carried from different location, then we can add a default location for that particular operation. New Stuff: How… Read More »