How to enable serial number field in sales invoice screen in Sage X3

By | September 15, 2020

A sales invoice is an accounting document that records a business transaction. Sales invoices provide the business with a record of the services they’ve provided to a client, when the services were rendered and how much money the client owes the business. Typically, a sales invoice will include a description of the service provided, the amount owed and the deadline for payment.  A sales invoice is created by the business after they’ve provided products or services to a client, as a way to request payment.

We may need a basic important points to make a sales invoice such as:

  1. Customer Details
  2. Payment Terms.
  3. Payment Due Date.

Payment Terms: Its is a condition under which a seller will complete a sales . Typically, these terms may demand cash in advance, cash on delivery. Also the payment terms on your sales invoice, including the payment methods you accept (i.e. cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, visa etc.).

Payment Due Date: It is the date when payment should be received by the company. Also it clearly list the deadline for payment on your sales invoice. Eg(Payment due in 30 Days etc etc.).

Now sometimes in Sage X3, we may find difficulties in entering the serial number manually in sales invoice screen as this field is always seen disabled in the screen. So, for solving these Sage X3 has a some in build functionality. Kindly follow below steps for enabling the serial number field in Sales Invoice screen.

Navigate to: Sales -> Invoices -> Invoices

As we can see in above screen shot, serial number field is disable. Now follow below steps to enable this field.


  1. Open Sales Invoice  screen.
  2. Click on new button.
  3. Enter site, customer
  4. Set stock transaction field as ‘Yes’. Refer below screen shot:

Navigate to : Sales -> Invoices -> Invoices -> Management tab

By doing above steps , serial number field will get enabled in the lines grid.

Now follow below steps to display data in serial number filed in lines grid.


  1. Create new product or select product whose serial number management is set as ‘Issued’.

Navigate to: Common Data -> Products -> Products -> Management tab

  1. Now create sales invoice.
  2. Set stock transaction field as ‘Yes’.
  3. Enter product in lines grid.
  4. After entering quantity, new screen is getting open name as ‘Stock issue entry’.
  5. Now go to action button and select ‘serial number issue’ button from the lines grid. Refer below screen shot of the same:
  1. After this, new screen getting opened named as ‘Serial Numbers in issue’.
  2. Enter quantity to issue.
  3. Enter ‘Starting Serial number’.
  4. Click on Save button.

Now check serial number field data is visible in lines grid.

By doing all the above steps, the field will get enabled and data will get populated on the field.