How to change a lot number in sage X3

By | December 28, 2020

A lot number is an identification number assigned to a particular quantity or lot of material from a single manufacturer. Lot numbers can be found on the outside of packaging.

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A lot number is a combination of numerical digits that are given to a group of products that have commonalities. Maybe they were manufactured in the same batch or contain a common material. Lot numbers are often assigned to groups of products from a manufacturer. Every company has a different way of assigning lot numbers to a product. It could be based on the manufacture date, location, expiration date or a combination of multiple numbers. 

Lot tracking is the process of recording how each product moves in and out of our inventory. We will apply the lot number to our reporting and be able to look at trends with specific lots, and understand how some may have moved faster or slower than others, or we can also check for which lot there is a larger or lesser profit. This is helpful if we notice that we have a lot of returns from the same lot — perhaps there’s a defect or similar issue to look into.

We can come across this mistake that when a lot-tracked product is received into stock but assigned an incorrect lot number. In this instance user will likely need to update the available stock in one lot with a new or another existing lot number. Fortunately Sage X3 makes it quick and simple to update your lot information.

These steps will assist the user with changing the lot number in this scenario.

Navigate to : Inventory > Inquiries >Stock by lots

Here we are searching for site  AO011 and product BMS001. We can see that there are four different lot assigned to product. We want to change the lot number which is highlighted (i.e. LO2008AO0110001). Refer the below screenshot.

Stock by lot screen before changing lot number
Stock by lot screen before changing lot number

To changes that lot number:

Navigate to:  Inventory > Quality Control > Lot Modifications > Renum/split/mix

  • Create a new record.
  • Enter the ‘Stock site’ and select the ‘Product’ for which you want to change lot number. Here we will take site as ‘AO011’ and product as ‘BMS001’
  • In the Source section select the lot assignment which we to change for the product. Here we will select the lot ‘ LO2008AO0110001’
  • Click on the ‘Stock Selection’ from the left list.
  • In the Destination create a new lot id for the product. Here we are giving as LO2020AO0110001
  • Select the source lot from the left list.

Click on Create. Refer the below screen shot.

Renum split merge screen
Renum split merge screen

To verify the same

Navigate to : Inventory > Inquiries > Stock by lots

Select the same site and product. Here we can see the existing lot number is replaced with a new lot number. Refer below figure

Stock by lot after changing lot number
Stock by lot after changing lot number

In this blog, we came to know how we can change the existing lot number of a product to a new lot number