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Restriction on Duplicate LOT-SUBLOT creation

As everyone knows, LOT No creation for the raw materials can be done in Purchase Receipt and Miscellaneous Receipt transactions in Sage X3. In LOT No field, LOT will be generated either automatically or manually. User can enter LOT No manually. Logically, LOT No should be unique for every Product as per the LOT-SUBLOT concept.… Read More »

Managing Inventory at the Sub-Lot level in Sage X3

Sage X3 allows user to maintain Sub-Lot for products. In Order to manage Inventory at a sub-lot level you need to activate the “SLT” Code at the Folder Level. Kindly select ‘General Parameters’ under ‘Parameters’ Section and then select the ‘Folders’ option. Parameters -> General Parameters -> Folders (GESADS) Then you need to change the… Read More »

Characteristic Level of LOT in Sage X3

Sage X3 offers an important feature to define the Level of LOT. Now we are wondering what we mean by “defining Level of LOT”. Now let’s discuss about the 2 levels of LOT: Sub Lot Lot The Lot information is managed on the lot level. In another word, it’s mandatory than every sub-lot tied to… Read More »