How to display reserved quantity message in Sales Order screen in Sage X3

By | January 27, 2021

The Sales Order, sometimes abbreviated as SO, is an order issued by a business to a customer. A sales order is a document generated by the seller specifying the details about the product or services ordered by the customer. Along with the product and service details, sales order consists of price, quantity etc.

Order entry allows you to record information about your customers and the items they have ordered. When you enter a sales order, the system automatically enters pertinent information that currently exists in the customer, item, preference, and pricing records. Sales order processing begins as soon as you complete order entry.

A sale order usually carries information such as customer’s name, shipping address, transaction date, products ordered, descriptions, units of measure, quantities, prices, taxes, etc. The key details of the sales order are listed below:

  • Bill to Customer information.
  • Ship–to Customer information
  • Information about product or service
  • Price before taxes
  • Tax, delivery, and shipping charges
  • Total price after taxes

Bill-to Customer information: The bill-to address is where you send customer invoices and other billing-related information.

Ship-to Customer information: the ship-to customer information covers all of the documentation that relates to shipping orders to customers

Reserved Quantity: Entering in a reserved quantity will remove that quantity from the product’s available quantities. The On Hand quantity will still reflect the true on hand number. An example of how the reserved quantity would be use is for items you sell, but you also use internally. For example, let’s say you have 100 quantities on hand. Typically you sell this to your customers as a repair part, but occasionally your own machines require this part as well. You can set your warehouse to have a reserved quantity of 20 for this item. The items availability will decrease to 80, however your On Hand will still reflect 100. This will allow you to record the proper value and quantity of your inventory, but it will also keep you from selling all of your widget, thus allowing you to use a small reserved quantity internally.

Now, in Sage X3, there is a setup where we can display the reserved quantity for the customer of particular product in Sales Order screen. For displaying that, follow below steps.


  1. Navigate to: Setup -> General Parameters -> Parameter Values
  2. Select VEN Sales ->  Folder (SEED)
  3. Select  SAL (Order allocation rules)
  4. Change the values of below highlighted  parameter to ‘On request’ .
    1. USERERBPC (consumption of customer reservation).
Fig 01: Parameter Values


Navigate to: Sales -> Order -> order

  1. Create new Sales Order transaction.
  2. Enter all the mandatory data.
  3. Enter product on line level.
  4. Enter quantity and then tab out.
  5. Check now reserved quantity for that customer is getting displayed on screen.

Refer below screen shot:

Fig 02: Sales Order

Note: Mainly reserve the product’s quantity for particular customer in the customer allocation screen.

By doing all the above steps we can display the reserved quantity message for particular customer in Sales Order Screen.