How to Prevent Users from Posting Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices in Sage X3

By | May 27, 2021

In sage x3, Sometimes there may be a requirement that not all the user should be able to post sales and purchase invoice, We can allow the restriction for the user for posting of sales and purchase invoice. With the steps provided below extra security can be set up in Sage X3 that will prohibit users from posting Sales and Purchase invoices.

To allow restriction follow the below steps:

Navigate to > Setup > Users > Setup Users

  1. Select the user for which posting should not be allowed. Here we will check for the user USR1.
  2. We can see here the fields function profile, jump to the ‘Function profile’ for the selected user. Refer the below screenshot.
Fig : Users

Functional profile:

This function is used to attach to a predefined function profile code, a group of functions authorized with additional privileges, if required.
To define functional authorizations, enter the profile codes and function codes combinations.

The restrictions can either be:

either restrictions by site (in this case each line defines authorizations for one or several sites).
or additional options (one or several lines can thus be entered depending on whether the authorizations are defined by site).

3. From the right column, click on the ‘Authorization’ link for the Functional profile. Refer the below screen shot.

Fig : Functional Profile screen

4. As here we are looking to prevent posting of sales and purchase invoices. Enter the name of the function i.e GESSIH for Sales Invoices or GESPIH for Purchase Invoices in the field named as ‘Function’

Here we have a grid, go to the column named as option where we provide the security option i.e. either this user can create, delete,modify,post etc.

Click the ‘Options’ action box to view the details of each security option available.
we have the options such as create,delete,modify,post,open items, unblock matching error etc.

Fig : Options

Since we have to remove the posting functionality Remove the Letter “V” to prevent the ability to post for any user in this functional profile.

Now create a sales invoice or purchase invoice

Navigate to > Purchase > Purchase invoice

The user will face the below error it wont allow the user to post invoices. Refer below screen shot.

Fig : Posting error

Here we have created a purchase invoice and we can see that the posting is not allowed.

In this way we can prevent the user from posting sales invoice and purchase invoice.