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Posting Old Stock Entries for Miscellaneous Issues/ Receipts in Sage X3

Transactions from Miscellaneous Issues/Receipts were not linked to the automatic journal. Due to this, the system does not provide stock impact for entries that users create for transactions (i.e., STK entries). All new entries will have STK impact if we select an automatic journal to that entry transaction. The question is, what happened to the… Read More »

How to Prevent Users from Posting Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices in Sage X3

In sage x3, Sometimes there may be a requirement that not all the user should be able to post sales and purchase invoice, We can allow the restriction for the user for posting of sales and purchase invoice. With the steps provided below extra security can be set up in Sage X3 that will prohibit… Read More »

Automatic posting of Invoice

Sage X3 provides a feature to generate the automatic posting of the invoices to be issued arising from the validated and not invoiced customer shipments. The shipments that are not considered are the inter-site shipments, the sub-contractor shipments, the loan shipments where the return date is not exceeded and the totally returned shipments. To successfully… Read More »