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How to Prevent Users from Posting Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices in Sage X3

In sage x3, Sometimes there may be a requirement that not all the user should be able to post sales and purchase invoice, We can allow the restriction for the user for posting of sales and purchase invoice. With the steps provided below extra security can be set up in Sage X3 that will prohibit… Read More »

Restriction on Purchase/Sales transactions on the basis of PAN No

In Sage X3, we have a standard “PAN No” field in the Customer and Supplier master. One of our client requested to add one field i.e. “(Total) Invoice Amount” in the header level of Sales Invoice, Sales Order, Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice transaction screens which will reflect the total amount booked for the respective… Read More »

How to overcome ‘Date prohibited ‘error in sales, purchase and accounting module

In Sage X3 we can control transaction creation by specifying the duration for which creation should be allowed. In order to prohibit the entry of invoices/credit memos Sage X3 provide a parameter level control where we can specify the duration for which sales transaction should be active these parameter set up is available for Sales,… Read More »

How to set condition for purchase order close

Sometimes we come across a scenario where user needs the purchase order to be closed only after certain conditions or never. Sage provides a functionality ‘PO line closing method’ which helps the user in setting them.  Navigate: Parameter –> Parameter values –> Purchase  Click on Rest Management — > PO line closing method Set the… Read More »

How to restrict purchase invoice creation without purchase receipt?

Have you come across a scenario where you want to restrict purchase invoice creation without the creation of purchase receipt. Sage X3 has the standard feature where you can restrict to create the invoice without purchase receipt. New Stuff: How to automatically allocate the work order Navigate: Setup>General Parameters>Parameters values Set the parameter “PBUKA=Load from receipt only”.… Read More »

Prohibit to create purchase order without the purchase request

Have you come across a scenario where you want to prohibit the creation of purchase order without purchase request of a particular product? Sage X3 has a standard feature where you can prohibit creating the purchase order without purchase request of product. New stuff: How to search product price list Kindly follow the below steps Common data>Products>Products>Supply… Read More »

Create purchase order by using Purchase Request and RFQs

If user wants to create purchase order by using different responses from different suppliers sage erp x3 has provided a standard feature to create the purchase order by using the RFQ and responses. Below are the steps. New Release: Salesforce Integration with Sage ERP X3 – An Introduction First create the Purchase request Navigation: Purchasing>Purchase… Read More »