Weigh Bridge Integration in Sage X3

By | May 25, 2022

Weighbridges are typically used to identify the weight of industrial vehicles and simultaneously, the weight of their contents such as net weight, gross weight, Truck No etc.

The purpose of this weigh bridge integration is reading data from the weigh bridge software and flow the same data into the Sage X3 application. To achieve this, we have created integration to establish a communication between Weigh bridge and Sage X3 application. With the help of this integration weigh bridge data will be inserted into the Sage X3 database automatically.

For this purpose, we need to install integration service on Weigh Bridge & Sage X3 server. The integration will read the data in the interval of 15 minutes and will insert the same data in Sage X3 continuously.

Also, user can update the data in Sage X3 using Weigh Bridge screen.

Path: Purchasing -> Receipts -> Weigh Bridge

New Stuff: Restriction on Sales Order if Advance Payment is not done

[Weigh Bridge Info Screen]
[Weigh Bridge Info Screen]

As shown in the above screenshot, user has to enter Weigh Bridge details like weight bridge ID and Ticket in filter criteria and click on search button then only the records which are saved in the Sage X3 will be displayed in this screen. IDs and Tickets are generated in the weigh bridge software and then those IDs and Tickets will be inserted in Sage X3 database with other details.

[Fields in Weigh Bridge Info Screen]
[Fields in Weigh Bridge Info Screen]

As you can see in the above screenshot, there are two more buttons available with “Search” button – “Save” and “Clear”. And the fields other than ID and Ticket are editable.
The fields will be editable so that the user with appropriate rights can edit and update the data wherever required and save it. A Weigh Bridge tab with a grid is provided on the different screens where the user can select single/multiple weigh Bridge ticket numbers and link to the transactions:

  1. Order Pre Receipt
  2. Purchase Receipt
  3. Purchase Return
  4. Sales Delivery
  5. Sales Return
  6. Inter Site Transfer
[Weigh Bridge tab in Sales Delivery]
[Weigh Bridge tab in Sales Delivery]

Refer the above screenshot in which, weigh bridge tab is available and on the basis of the ticket number selection, other weigh bridge details are getting flown in the Sales Delivery screen. Similarly, it will work in the other mentioned transactions too.

In this way, Weigh Bridge Integration works and on the basis of Weigh Bridge Ticket Number, weigh bridge data will be flown in the transactions.