Demand Forecasts in Sage X3

By | November 1, 2022

In Sage X3, there is a function where user can enter and view the demand forecasts for a product at a given site.

These forecasts can be manually entered period by period or automatically based on the distribution information which can include the seasonality curve linked to the product or by duplicating the forecasts for another product.

Navigate To: Manufacturing >> Planning >> Demand forecasts

  • User can select the product and stock site from the left list to define the demand forecast.
  • On demand forecasts screen user can set the quantities on weekly basis in Qty week fields as shown in above figure.
  • In the above figure we have defined the demand forecasts for October month.
  • If the user wants to define demand forecasts on monthly basis then user needs to enter total quantities only in Qty week 1 field.
  • Once the user defined the demand forecasts, it generates orders of the SOS type in the WIP.

Navigate to: Manufacturing >> Planning >> Enterprise Planning >> All full entry transaction

In the below figure you can see, WIP records are created as per the quantities which is defined on demand forecasts.

Now, user will need to run the MRP processing for that same site.

Navigate to: Manufacturing >> Planning >> MRP processing

After processing MRP, it will create suggestions for each record which are created after defining demand forecasts.

Now, user can create either the Purchase order or Firm work order with help of action button of line level against that suggestion.

Plan/Order: If the user click on this option then user will get pop window where user can enter the supplier and create the purchase order.

After clicking on order button, it creates purchase order against that particular suggestion.

Plan/initiate: With the help of this option user can create Work order. User need to click on Release button to create an work order.

With the help of above steps user can define demand forecasts and create suggestions.