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Determine PO line Closing Method using Delivery Tolerance %

You may come across a scenario where we want to set closing criteria for a purchase order taking into account the quantity that you receive. To set the closing criteria, go to Product → supply tab → purchasing. There is a field “Delivery Tolerance %” which is used during the receipt of goods. It is… Read More »

How to add Levels in Graphical Requester in Sage X3?

Sage X3 has a special in-built feature to add levels in graphical requester. Follow the below instructions to add levels to graphical requester. Step1: Go to Setup –>Usage –>Reports –>Graphical requester You will find the Graphical requester screen and create a record as shown below, In the below screen, we have added the “SORDER” and… Read More »

User Security Levels in Sage X3

In many manufacturing and distribution companies, it is a top most priority to have user security in place. For e.g. a purchase executive may issue a purchase order on a purchase request but only a purchase manager can approve a purchase order (w.r.t. quantity, price, discount etc.) Sage X3 provides 4 levels of user securities… Read More »

How to make the Invoice Printing mandatory before posting?

To make the Invoice Printing mandatory before posting, following parameter is available in Sage X3. Parameter: SIVCFM (Mandatory invoice printing) Path: Setup > General Parameter > Chapter (TC) > Group (INV) > SIVCFM This parameter is used to stipulate the validation of invoice in the printed report The list of possible values are: Yes: The… Read More »

How to Restrict Purchase Order for the Product having Expiry Date?

If you come across a scenario where you want to restrict purchase order for the product which has an expiry date then Sage X3 provides a standard functionality called “Product end-of-life date”. Product end-of-life date: when this date is exceeded, it is not possible to enter orders to the supplier. To set up this functionality:… Read More »

Getting the List of Accessible Classes in the Current Application

We may encounter a scenario where we want to know the names of the classes that are accessible in a current application. For this, CLANAM function can be used. The CLANAM function is basically used for acquiring the list of classes accessible to the current application.CLANAM function returns the Char type. Syntax : clanam(< Class… Read More »

How to re-open Closed Work Order?

Function: FUNMREACT Navigation Path:  Manufacturing > Utilities > WO reactivation Above function is used to reactivate a closed work order. The reactivation of the work order consists in changing the status of Work Order (the Word Order switches from the Closed status to the Firm status) in order to authorize additional tracking. Follow the below… Read More »

How to Change the Title of a Tab Dynamically?

Sage X3 provides an inbuilt function to rename the title of a tab at runtime. We can change the tab title dynamically using following function: Chgtfd [class] expr_c Where, class: describes an open mask. In the absence of this parameter, the default mask is used. expr_c: describes expression of the type Char containing a valid… Read More »

Bulk shipment creation process in Sage X3.

We may come across a situation where we want to create a shipment through bulk shipment creation process but one shipment for one order at a time.In Sage X3, we have a flag on sales order window. If we select or check that flag then it will be an indication for the Order delivery function… Read More »

How to extract a substring from the leftmost end in Sage X3?

Sage X3 has a function, which helps us to extract a substring from the leftmost end of a string. The function used to extract the substring is Left$(). Syntax: Left$(String, nb_string) Refer the following example for the same: In the above exmaple we use left$() for the extraction from the string, upto 16 characters.