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How to Restrict the Users to Access Multiple Banks?

One of our clients’ came up with new requirement, where they wanted to allow only few banks access to the users. Sage X3 has functionality where you can restrict the users to access multiple banks. Follow the below steps Add the Row level permission. Navigate To: Set up >Users>Row Level Permission. Assign the Row level… Read More »

How to Know Number of Fields Defined in a Screen?

In Sage X3, if you come across a scenario where you want to know count of fields defined in a particular screen, Sage X3 provides an inbuilt function to know number of fields defined within a particular screen. You can use this function if and only if the screen is open. Syntax: masknbf(<class|num_exp>) Where, class… Read More »

How to Concatenate Two Strings

You may come across the situation, where you want to concatenate a char or CLOB value to a char or CLOB variable. Sage X3 has a special Keyword named APPEND to perform the concatenation of two or more string values. From a functional point of view, Append Field1, Field2 is equivalent to Field1+= Field2.  if… Read More »

Automatic Remittance Generation through Batch

In the business process we may need a process wherein the Remittance will be created automatically on daily basis. In Sage X3 we can do this in simple way by using the Batch process. Refer to below steps for the same. Step 1: Create the task follow the below steps for the same: Navigate to… Read More »

How to create the Pre-commitment on Purchase Request?

Have you came across a scenario where you want to create the pre-commitment on purchase request after declaration of budget sage ERP? Sage X3 has a standard feature where we can create the pre-commitment in sage x3. Follow the below steps 1. Navigate To: Set up>Parameters>Parameters values>ACH purchase Set the parameter CMM(Budget control)>PURCMM=”Yes” 2. Navigate… Read More »

How to Overcome “Product not managed in stock” error in Sage X3?

While creating any transaction in Sage X3, we will often get an error “Product not managed in stock“. Particularly, this error is generated for the products which are not managed in stock. We can overcome this by managing the stock of that particular product. For e.g., We may get this error while creating a miscellaneous receipt.… Read More »

How to Get Parameter Value by User?

It is easy to get the parameter value when the value is defined at folder level. But what if we need the parameter value by User? Well! This blog will help you to get the parameter value by site with the help of the standard subprogram which is present in SUBAUS.src file. Below is the code… Read More »

Restrict Sales Order for the Product which has a Life Start Date

If you come across a scenario where you want to restrict sales order for the product which has a service start date then Sage X3 provides a standard functionality “Product start-of-life date”. Product start-of-life date: it is not possible to enter sales orders for this product before its start-of-life date. To set up this functionality:… Read More »

Find the Database Type to execute the SQL Query from Sage X3

To implement the business logic we need to use SQL Query to fetch the required data from the Database. To execute the SQL Query from Sage X3 we need to know the database type. We can fetch the database type as below: The “TYPDBA” column in “ADOSSIER” table holds the value which will help to identify… Read More »