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Tax calculation on Freight charges in Sage X3

Freight charges refers to the Freight rate or the Price that is charged by a carrier for delivering goods from Source location to Destination location. You may come across a situation where you would like to add elements like discounts, freight charges etc on the sales order . Sage X3 has a feature to add… Read More »

How to solve “Tax code mandatory: no tax determination rule applies” error message in sales order screen

In Sage Enterprise Management, we may come across a scenario where we get “No tax determination rule applies” pop up message. To solve this error message follow the below steps:  Navigate to: Sales -> Orders -> Orders Now, create the new sales order and in the product line set Tax Level 1 as “ECO” after… Read More »

How taxes are determined in Sage ERP X3 Sales Invoices

Recently, we were asked about the Tax determination logic used in Sage X3. The user was actually trying to figure out why his Sales Invoice had only one tax applied even though he had selected three Tax levels in the Invoice line. Following is a brief explanation of how Tax is determined for an invoice… Read More »