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How to solve if added tab in window is not visible after global validation of window

Sometimes, it happens when we add any customized screen or tab in window, we are not able see the customized screen added in the window. Also, it might happen you may see the fields of the added tab in the window but not added tab. We mostly solve this issue by global validation of window… Read More »

How to solve “Tax code mandatory: no tax determination rule applies” error message in sales order screen

In Sage Enterprise Management, we may come across a scenario where we get “No tax determination rule applies” pop up message. To solve this error message follow the below steps:  Navigate to: Sales -> Orders -> Orders Now, create the new sales order and in the product line set Tax Level 1 as “ECO” after… Read More »

How to Restrict User from Creating SO for Price below Minimum Sales Price

If you come across a scenario where you want to restrict user from creating a sales order for net price less than minimum price then sage X3 provides a standard functionality Non block ctrl price,profit,qt. Navigation: Setup –> General parameters –> Parameter Values Sales – Authorization —  SDACLOK (Non block ctrl price,profit,qt ) Set  Non… Read More »