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How to Close Open Table faster in Version 7 and above?

Sage X3 version 7 has a new Keyword/ function “LogicClose” which closes the open table/file faster than the close instruction of Sage ERP X3 which we used earlier in programming. LogicClose: This function closes a table logically. It releases the [F] buffer and any filters in a way that makes a further Local File execution much faster… Read More »

Create users and assign their rights in Sage X3 V7

Before using any system users should sign in with proper roles, below are the steps to create users and assigning roles in Sage X3 V7. New Stuff: How to add Module and Sub module in SageX3 Version 7? Step 1: Navigate to: Administration > Administration >Groups Crate new Group. Step 2: Navigate to: Administration > Administration >Users… Read More »