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How to solve error “Non – blocking difference Incorrect date ACCDAT 20210210” while importing data through template

In Sage X3, We can import data to the table through an Import/Export template feature. Here we can create Import/Export template with table fields which we have to update or enter in the table and import the text file which contain data and after successfully import of text file, table get affected. Through Import/Export template… Read More »

How to perform file Import/Export function using Batch Processing

Batch processing is a method of queued up transaction executed without manual intervention on the regular interval. The batch server is a background process that launches programs or system commands. A queue of tasks is processed by the server, executing and logging the results of each task. we come across the scenario where file based import… Read More »

How to execute Import utility using code

Sage ERP X3 has a functionality of creating Import/Export template which works quite efficiently. The only thing that has to be done manually, through import utility under Usage ->Imports/Exports->Imports (GIMPOBJ). New Stuff: Adding selection window for any action. However, you can also import the records through code as shown below: You can write the following lines… Read More »