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How to execute Import utility using code

Sage ERP X3 has a functionality of creating Import/Export template which works quite efficiently. The only thing that has to be done manually, through import utility under Usage ->Imports/Exports->Imports (GIMPOBJ). New Stuff: Adding selection window for any action. However, you can also import the records through code as shown below: You can write the following lines… Read More »

Import / Export Template in Sage Enterprise management (formerly Sage X3)

Sage X3 provides the functionality of creating\updating the transactions using an Import/Export template. A few days back we came across a scenario in which we need to create WO using Import/Export template. After some findings, we found it easy to do the same. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps for Importing and exporting… Read More »

Data Backup and Restore in Sage ERP X3

The most important feature of any ERP is to provide data backup/ restore feature. Sage ERP X3 provides this in an option called Data Import/Extract available under its Development Parent Menu. The folder which consists of this data backup in Sage X3 is called as “SVG”. This folder is available in the below-mentioned path: Sage… Read More »