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Determine Calling Screen in Sage X3

There are several occasions where one screen calls up another screen. For e.g. if we call the Project screen from Task Screen, in this case, the source screen is “TASK” and the destination screen is “PROJECT”. Now but when we think of any technical parameter or variable which will be storing this value, we find… Read More »

Screen Translations in Sage X3

One of the salient features of Sage X3 is support for Multiple Languages, which gives the privilege of working with your native language. For this, almost all of the components of the system are translated to all supported language. Now, if you have created a screen that needs to be used in multiple languages following… Read More »

Call Screens through Code in Sage X3

Off lately, we have been exploring ways to calling pop up screens in Sage X3. Now let us add one more leaf, though bit more technical, in this series. Although, calling up screens through action is the more preferred way, however, we came across a situation wherein a single action execution needs to be capable… Read More »