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How to set the default Category as “ACTUAL” in Journal

We have come across the scenario where the Journal which are created from the Sales or Purchase Invoice should not be editable. We have parameter values which will set the Category as Default when we Post the transaction. Img: Parameter Values → Common data(TC) –> Group CPT This will set default value as actual, which… Read More »

How to secure MongoDb in Sage X3

We may came across a scenario where we want to secure a mongodb service. We can achieve this functionality by using below steps: Uninstall mongodb re-install MongoDB with SSL certificate checkbox checked. This will generate “client.pem” file to secure MongoDB access. Re-install MongoDB service After re-installation of MongoDB, “Client.pem” file will generate in D:\Sage\Syracuse\syracuse\certs\mongodb(In… Read More »

How to change the standard Module name?

Have you came across a scenario where you want to change the name of  “Module and Sub Module”. Image 1: Home Page Navigate To: Administrator>Authering>Navigation Page Image 2: Pages Now Edit the Home Page content. Image 3 Edit module name like “Orders to sales orders”. Image 4: Navigation Pages Now, you can check the names… Read More »

Adding Graphical requester in Interactive Dashboard

To create Graphical Requester, follow below steps. Step 1: Create graphical requester. Set up → Usage → Report → Graphical Query tool 1.1 Graphical requester screen Step 2 : Create Menu Item. Navigate to Administration → Authoring → Pages → Menu 1.2 Menu item screen As shown in above screenshot, we have created menu item with… Read More »

How to configure portal expense claims

1. Setup variable to be updated. Note: Uncheck Expense notes 2. Setup Variable for a portal default value as well as the maximum allowable value to be claimed via the portal. These can be configured as separate variables or can comprise the same variable. 3. Input the default and maximum values. Access either folder values or… Read More »

How to add comments for a product line in PO

We have came across the scenario where we need to add detail comment to a purchase order product. For which Sage has provided a default functionality known as line TEXT. Img: Purchase – Orders – Order Click on Text to add comments to purchase order product. These can be formatted using the functionalities provided in… Read More »