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Importance of X3 Installation and how to solve error if encountered on Folder Validation 

The Installation of Sage x3 ERP system involves several steps to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.   Which has multiple important steps that are, Implement a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the Sage X3 system remains up-to-date and secure. Stay informed about software updates and implement them as necessary. Remember that Sage X3 Installations… Read More »

Creation of Shipping Calendar to display on dashboard

To create a Shipping calendar we will use X3 calendar functionality.The shipping calendar will help us with delivery tracking. Specially it will be helpful for sales and warehouse teams. For creation of “Shipping calendar” we are going to use SORDER and BPCARRIER table’s. Step 1: Go to Setup>Usage>Reports>Graphical query tool. Create new query Fig: Graphical… Read More »

Visibility of field on the basis of Transaction Type

In the realm of modern business operations, efficiency, accuracy, and transparency are priority In this pursuit, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems play a pivotal role, and among them, Sage X3 stands out as a comprehensive solution catering to various aspects of business management. In Sage X3, there is a requirement from one of our client… Read More »

Disabling buttons for Miscellaneous windows in Sage X3

In Sage X3, there are several types of windows design to choose from such as Object, Miscellaneous, Inquiry and Inquiry criteria. Out of which main transaction windows are object types, however miscellaneous types windows offer freedom to customize the windows however the developer wants. Below we’ll show how to disable a custom window button for… Read More »

Gross Price logic in Sales and Purchase Order Transactions

In Sage X3, we have the option to manually enter price in the detail line as required while creating any transaction. However, one of our clients wanted to add a validation on “Gross Price” field in Sales and Purchase Order Transactions based on Price Lists.Here, user will enter supplier and product combination with price in… Read More »

How to export flat files in Sage X3

Introduction: Sage X3 provides the functionality of creating\updating the transactions using an Import/Export template. We can use import/export templates quite often for importing huge data with ease. We need to setup some parameters in order to export data in a particular format. We came across a scenario where users need to export data in a flat… Read More »

How to perform automatic and multiple assignments using the assignments function

In Sage X3, assignment rules are used to define how transactions, such as sales orders or purchase orders, are automatically assigned to specific resources or entities. These rules are part of the Resource Planning module, which helps in optimizing resource utilization and improving efficiency in managing various business processes.Assigning orders (needs and resources) among one… Read More »

How to restrict the data for specific user or group in SEI

This is a process that involves setting up permissions and access controls within the Sage Enterprise Intelligence software. This process ensures that each user or group of users can only access the data that is relevant to their roles or tasks. It involves various steps such as granting or restricting access to reports, limiting access… Read More »