I/C Current Transactions Inquiry Form

By | September 26, 2014

I/C Current Transactions Inquiry screen of SAGE 300 ERP is used to look up the Current sales orders originating in Order Entry and Purchase orders originating in Purchase Orders for a particular item.
To open this screen Open Inventory Control –> I/C Statistics and Inquiries –>Current Transactions Inquiry.
The below Screen will appear:
New Stuff: Aged Cash Requirements Report
The options available on the screen are as follow:

From / To Expected Ship/Arrival Date: Here specify the earliest and latest expected shipping or arrival dates. You can restrict the search to a single day by entering the same date in both fields.

Inquire About: Here we can specify whether to look up purchase orders or sales orders. User can select any of the option from the dropdown list.

Item Number: Here user can enter an item number or can select one using the Finder.

After Clicking the Go button it shows the following Information. Information about sales orders is presented under the following column headings:

• Original quantity ordered

• Unit of measure

• Quantity shipped

• Quantity outstanding

Information about purchase orders is presented under the following column headings:

• Purchase order number

• Vendor number

• Vendor name

• Expected arrival date

• Location

• Quantity ordered

• Unit of measure

• Quantity received

• Quantity outstanding

To view further details about a transaction, highlight it and then click the Details button. After Clicking on Details button, the users can view the selected transaction in the associated transaction entry screen (O/E Order Entry or P/O Purchase Order Entry).
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